A sunny project ...

Solar zonder grenzen

Solar zonder grenzen is a Belgian company that installs sun kiosks in remote villages without electricity..  After 6AM all these people depend on petrol lamps. Medical emergencies, cooking, studying etc.. all happens in very poor light conditions. Solar zonder grenzen made their own solar based lamp. It’s cheaper, better and more healthy to use. I was asked to photograph the whole process, how they build their kiosks, how they make their lamps and the huge difference between oil lamps and their rechargeable lamps.

It really makes a huge difference for the people living there. Visit their website for more info. They are really helping people there and I was glad to be a part of it for a moment!

The solar kiosk

Solar Kiosks are buildings with a solar system put in the centre of villages without electricity.  Residents can rent and recharge their lamp here. Other batteries, for example from mobile phones, can also be recharged for a small fee. Each solar kiosk is run by a local. With the support of investors they already succeed to build 400 solar kiosks each year and provide 100 000 people with durable, healthy and good light .

The gourd lamp

These lamps and chargers are locally produced and assembled in natural (gourd: shell of a tropical, local fruit) and recycled materials (tire, soda).

There is an online campaign where you can illuminate a house in Africa through a single SMS: www.sms4light.be

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